Accounting Business Automation

Xero BA Package

Xero License
2 Business Emails
Cloud Infrastructure
Data Security
Cloud Technical 24h Support

Why Should You
Hire Online Bookkeepers Not Internally?

A smart and affordable move for your business
A Safer solution since this bookkeeper has the talents and skills to do professional work
Reach the bookkeeper easily anytime anywhere using any device
You, as a business owner has full accessibility for monitoring and staying up-to-date
Managerial training for managers and business owners to efficiently deal with the tools
Building a financial team with a trusted and authorized Xero Accounting system Advisor
Advisory service that helps you focus on your accounting books
English & Arabic Support

Why Move To Cloud And Choose Xero For Your Business?

As a business owner, you may be wondering what makes you move to cloud and quit the traditional methods of bookkeeping
and handling all the financial aspects of your business. Discover the features you will have with Xero

Unlimited Storage For All The Data
Financial Data On-Hand At All Times
No More Lost Data Or Files & Totally Secured
More Organized To Reach Data On The Spot
Auditing Is Much Easier Than Before

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure gives the business owner access to data and information required wherever they have an internet connection. In today’s ever-changing business system, it’s critical that business owners get what they need right when they need it, whether they’re on their computers, tablets or mobile phones anywhere. It efficiently saves businesses time and money through follows:

Achieve More With Less Resources and Boosting Productivity
Easier & Smoother Data Access
Most Innovative Features & Efficient Functionality
Improve Collaboration Among Teams
More Flexible & Affordable For Businesses
Always On Availability With One Click